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Fit-Up Pro

South Houston, TX
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Fit-Up Pro is a leading provider of pipe fitting tools, specializing in fit-up and alignment tools. Their product range includes a variety of tools designed to facilitate the precise fitting and alignment of pipes and flanges. Some of their popular products include:

1. Pipe Clamps: Fit-Up Pro offers a range of pipe clamps, including the Quick-Fit PDQ Pipe Clamps, E-Z Fit Gold Pipe Clamps, and E-Z Fit Spider Internal Clamps. These clamps are designed to securely hold pipes in place during fit-up and alignment processes.

2. Spacing Wedges: Fit-Up Pro provides spacing wedges that help create accurate gaps between pipes or flanges for proper fit-up.

3. Flange Spreader: Their flange spreader tool assists in safely spreading flanges for maintenance or re-fit purposes.

4. Flange Alignment Bolts: Fit-Up Pro offers flange alignment bolts (FAB bolts) that aid in aligning flanges during installation or repair work.

In addition to these fit-up and alignment tools, Fit-Up Pro also offers a comprehensive range of layout and marking tools for precise measurement and marking during pipe fabrication.

Fit-Up Pro is part of the S.F.E. Group, which was formed through the merger of B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC, Mathey Dearman Inc., TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists, and AXXAIR. With their extensive experience in the industry, Fit-Up Pro is dedicated to providing high-quality pipe fitting tools that meet the diverse needs of their customers worldwide.

For more information about Fit-Up Pro's product range or to explore their other offerings, visit their website.