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Emerald City Athletics

3785 S Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98118
✅ CityLocal Market Trusted Business

Emerald City Athletics offers a comprehensive program designed to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Their program follows a proven 4-step system called VOPA (Vision, Objectives, Process, Accountability). This system guides members through their fitness journey, starting with clarifying their vision and goals, setting objectives, developing a personalized process, and providing the necessary accountability to stay on track.

The program focuses on five components of fitness: nutrition, cardiorespiratory exercise, resistance training, recovery, and accountability/motivation/guidance. Emerald City Athletics recognizes that nutrition plays a vital role in achieving success and provides personalized nutrition plans tailored to each member's needs and goals.

Their cardiorespiratory exercise component is designed to burn calories effectively while improving overall endurance and stamina. The resistance training component aims to build lean muscle throughout the body and target specific areas for toning. Recovery is emphasized as an essential part of overall fitness, allowing the body time to rest and repair itself.

Accountability, motivation, and guidance are key aspects of Emerald City Athletics' program. They offer different membership options based on individual accountability needs. Whether it's the Access Membership, Amenities Plus Membership, Champions Training, or Personal Training, members can choose the level of support that suits them best.

Start your fitness journey at Emerald City Athletics and take advantage of their Winter Fitness Special with $0 enrollment on select memberships.