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Elizabeth Dane is a holistic medicine doctor who offers personalized health plans through her Metabolic Balance Program. She combines both Western and Eastern health philosophies to create a unique approach to holistic healing. The program focuses on understanding each individual's energy patterns, personality, physical appearance, how they function in life, and how they deal with their feminine and masculine energy.

By taking the Meta-Type Assessment Test, individuals can discover their specific Meta-Type, which is determined by their dominant energy flow (Yin or Yang). The test covers various aspects such as energy patterns, sleep patterns, exercise preferences, response to stress and anxiety, decision-making style, dietary preferences and cravings, bowel movements, hair and skin condition, weight fluctuation patterns, topics of interest for conversation, and sexual desire.

Once individuals determine their Meta-Type, Dr. Elizabeth Dane provides personalized recommendations for diet choices, nutritional supplements, herbs, and natural remedies that are specifically tailored to their unique needs. By following the Metabolic Balance Program and embracing personalized recommendations based on their Meta-Type, individuals can achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

Elizabeth Dane has many years of experience in the field of holistic medicine and has helped numerous individuals in their journey towards optimal health. Her approach celebrates the uniqueness of each person's metabolism and focuses on addressing the whole person – body, mind, emotions, heart, and spirit.