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DJBTherapy offers a range of therapy services in the Boulder area. They provide individual therapy both online and in-person, working collaboratively with clients to understand and address the challenges they face. The therapist, D.J. Bishop, believes in the effectiveness of bi-weekly, 2-hour sessions for deeper healing using experiential modalities. They also offer individual intensive therapy programs that take an in-depth approach to healing through experiential therapy techniques.

In addition to individual therapy, DJBTherapy specializes in family therapy for addiction. They understand that addiction affects the entire family system and offer support to families navigating through substance abuse treatment and recovery. The therapist guides families in setting boundaries, establishing treatment aftercare goals, and working through trauma related to addiction.

Group therapy is another service provided by DJBTherapy. The therapist leads various types of groups for substance abuse treatment and recovery as well as therapeutic groups for healing trauma. These groups create a safe space for participants to work through relational dynamics, build trust, and foster connection.

If you're seeking therapy services in the Boulder area, DJBTherapy offers personalized approaches to help individuals and families heal and build fulfilling lives.