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Crystal Lily Creative is a brand coach and diversity consultant that believes in empowering leaders and helping them form relationships that support their growth and purpose without sacrificing integrity. Their philosophy centers around creating inclusive, human-focused environments based on core values. They offer a range of services, including inclusive branding and leadership development consulting. Crystal Lily Creative works with clients who want to advocate for philanthropy, inclusion, human rights, social justice, education, and sustainability.

The business began as a photography brand in 2016 but expanded in 2019 to provide diversity and inclusion branding consulting services based on the demand from mission-driven brands. They use a core values-centered approach to help leaders define their brand and connect with their audience. Crystal Lily Creative also partners with other qualified leaders who share their values to provide additional project support when needed.

To learn more about Crystal Lily Creative's philosophy and approach, you can visit their About page on their website.