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Credit Rent Boost is a subsidiary of 950 Credit, Inc. that specializes in rent reporting services to help tenants and landlords boost their credit scores. They offer a range of options, including ongoing rent reporting, past rent reporting, and a combination of both. Their services allow tenants to build credit by reporting their monthly rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax.

Unlike traditional property management companies, Credit Rent Boost provides rent reporting services to all those named on the lease agreement, including spouses and roommates. They have been trusted by over 100,000 tenants, landlords, and apartment communities throughout the US.

With a focus on innovation, real people, and safe and secure practices, Credit Rent Boost offers a quick and convenient way for individuals to establish a positive credit history and improve their financial future. They have received positive testimonials from satisfied customers and hold a BBB accreditation.

Overall, Credit Rent Boost is a reliable partner for those looking to boost their credit scores through rent reporting.