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Clean Hamper is a locally owned and operated laundry washing service in Binghamton, NY. They provide a range of services including washing and folding, stain and spot removal, hang drying, and ironing. Customers have the option to drop off their laundry at the facility or have it picked up and delivered to their doorstep. The management team has a strong background in the cleaning and service industry and is dedicated to providing quality, convenient, and trustworthy laundry services to the Binghamton community.

Clean Hamper understands that time is valuable and aims to give customers back their time by taking care of their laundry needs. Their mission is to provide fast, professional, and reliable laundry washing services that allow customers to focus on other priorities in life. With a team of Laundry Care Specialists ready to serve, Clean Hamper ensures that customers' laundry is handled with care and returned fresh and clean.

For more information about their services or to get started, visit their website.