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Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito Logo

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito

2619 State Hwy, Wellfleet, MA 02667
✅ CityLocal Market Trusted Business

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito is a division of Greenstuff Lawncare, Inc., a reputable lawn care business that has been operating since 1991. The company is based in Western Massachusetts and specializes in providing professional tick and mosquito control services. The owner, Pat Mercer, became motivated to offer these services after personally contracting Lyme Disease in 2008 while working around his own property.

Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito stands out from its competitors by using a low concentration, high volume spray method for their treatments. This approach ensures that the treatment reaches all areas where ticks and mosquitoes are present while minimizing potential harm to non-target insects such as bees. The company is fully licensed by the State of Massachusetts to apply pesticides responsibly and places a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness.

In addition to chemical treatments, Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito also offers organic alternatives for customers who prefer pesticide-free options. Their range of services includes tick control, organic tick control, mosquito control, and organic mosquito control. They strive to deliver quick service, experienced technicians, quick response times, and 100% satisfaction guarantee to all their customers.