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Brightside Tax Relief is a tax relief company based in Armonk that offers a range of comprehensive tax relief services. Their services include:

1. The IRS Fresh Start Program: Unpaid Tax Installment Agreements in Armonk - This service helps clients negotiate installment agreements with the IRS to pay their unpaid taxes over time.

2. Tax Debt, Offers in Compromise, and IRS Settlement Programs in Armonk - Brightside Tax Relief assists clients in negotiating with the IRS to settle their tax debts for less than what they owe through offers in compromise.

3. IRS Collection & Audits: Tax Relief For Armonk Businesses - They provide assistance to businesses facing IRS collections and audits, helping them navigate through the process and find tax relief solutions.

4. Armonk Tax Attorney for IRS Levies, Seizure of Assets, and Wage Garnishment - Brightside Tax Relief offers legal representation to clients dealing with levies, asset seizure, and wage garnishment by the IRS.

5. Tax Transcript Monitoring and IRS Audit Protection Services in Armonk - Their services include monitoring tax transcripts to identify potential audit triggers or tax liens before they happen, providing clients with peace of mind.

Brightside Tax Relief aims to find affordable payment plans for their clients and offers flexible payment options without adding finance charges. They also provide a newsletter signup for tips and industry news on tax relief.