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Birmingham Skin & Hair Aesthetics (BSHA) is a leading provider of dermatology services and cosmetic procedures in Birmingham, MI. The clinic is owned and operated by medical professionals Nanette Nawrot, PA-C, and Irina Kushelman, PA-C. With their extensive experience in dermatology, radiology, and emergency medicine, Nanette and Irina offer personalized and tailored treatments to address each patient's unique needs.

At BSHA, they focus on non-surgical aesthetic procedures, anti-aging treatments, and rejuvenation services. They use high-quality products and innovative technologies to provide safe and effective results. Some of the services offered include injectables (such as Botox), laser treatments, bespoke beauty services, dermal fillers, forever young BBL (BroadBand Light), microneedling, chemical peels, hair removal, and more.

The team at Birmingham Skin & Hair Aesthetics is committed to providing exceptional care and creating customized treatment plans for each patient's specific goals. Book an appointment today by calling (248) 593-1000 for a complimentary consultation.