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Big Star Studios is a performing arts studio located in Snoqualmie that offers a variety of kids' dance, music, and acting classes. Their mission is to create confident, compassionate, and thoughtful children through training in the performing arts. They believe in the power of storytelling and provide a safe and inclusive space for students to express themselves creatively.

Big Star Studios offers classes for students of all ages, from pre-K to high school. They have a wide range of classes in various disciplines, including theater, acting, music, musical theater, dance, competition team, visual arts, workshops, and private music lessons. Their experienced instructors are passionate about nurturing each student's talent and helping them grow at their own pace.

In addition to their regular classes, Big Star Studios also offers summer programs and a preschool program called Little Stars Preschool. The studio is known for its award-winning competition team and full-scale musical productions.

Whether your child is interested in exploring the performing arts for fun or pursuing it as a serious passion, Big Star Studios provides a supportive and enriching environment where they can learn and thrive.