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Supporting local sellers boosts the Manchester economy and fosters a strong, interconnected community. Make a difference by choosing local in Manchester, Missouri. CityLocal Market is dedicated to bridging the gap between local sellers and the community, ensuring that the local market thrives. If you're a seller in Manchester, tap into our resources to enhance your online visibility and reach. Explore our Local Marketing Resources page and see how we can propel your business forward.

Bear Wade is a St. Louis-based marketing consultant and business coach. He offers services such as brand coaching, marketing plan development, and business growth strategies. Bear Wade's goal is to help businesses define, build, grow, maintain, and scale their brands using his Unify Brand Steps system. He also provides resources such as books, courses, checklists, and a membership program to support businesses in their marketing efforts. With years of experience in the industry, Bear Wade aims to help businesses save time and money while achieving their marketing goals.