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Aquanomix is a leading water systems and data management company that offers smart water technology to building owners and facility managers. Their Symphony™ Software Suite is a cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive insights into a building's water system, enabling proactive measures to address water management issues.

With Aquanomix's smart water technology, clients can experience numerous benefits. These include significant water conservation with reported savings of millions of gallons, energy conservation with system efficiency improvements of up to 35%, reduction in Legionella exposure to avoid costly lawsuits and brand damage, asset preservation with minimized capital depreciation, and prevention of unplanned outages due to water-related failures.

Aquanomix serves various industries such as life sciences, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, commercial, and education. They empower their clients with actionable data and drive accountability in their water risk management programs.

For more detailed information about Aquanomix and their products/services, please visit their official website.