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CityLocal Market features American Trade Mark, offering firefighter accountability tags and incident command systems. These customizable products provide vital information at a glance, helping fire departments track crews' whereabouts, qualifications, and medical details during emergencies. With options like custom plaques and car plates, American Trade Mark aims to enhance accountability standards and ensure quick intervention for firefighter safety. Established with a focus on protecting firefighters and enabling efficient fireground tactics, they provide quality tags, boards, decals, and more to meet unique department needs.

Designed to support fire departments in maintaining high accountability standards, American Trade Mark's products like firefighter tags and command boards facilitate efficient tracking of crews during emergencies. Through customizable options like car plates and plaques, they aim to enhance safety measures and ensure rapid response capabilities for fire incidents. With a commitment to providing essential tools for incident commanders and firefighters alike, American Trade Mark focuses on delivering quality accountability solutions tailored to specific department requirements.