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Alpha One is a wholesale fertilizer supplier that specializes in premium organic fertilizers. Their products are designed to provide the best results for a thriving lawn and garden, while also being safe for pets and the environment. Alpha One offers a range of fertilizers including the Alpha One Natural Organic Fertilizer, AlphaLawn II Plus Iron Organic Fertilizer, AlphaLawn Z Zero Phosphorus, and more.

What sets Alpha One apart is their commitment to using organic-based ingredients and their focus on creating products with homogenous nutrient balance and natural time release for extended availability to plants. Their fertilizers promote uniform leaf growth without excessive lushness typically seen with commercial fertilizers. Additionally, Alpha One products do not contain any manures, sludge, or waste materials.

Customers who have used Alpha One's fertilizers rave about their effectiveness and affordability. Landscapers and homeowners alike have given their stamp of approval to the Alpha One line of products.

With a wide range of fertilizers to choose from and a reputation for quality, Alpha One is the go-to choice for anyone looking to enhance the health and beauty of their lawn and garden using organic methods.