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AMZ Accountant

1733 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235
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AMZ Accountant is an online CPA firm that specializes in providing comprehensive accounting services for eCommerce sellers, specifically those who sell on platforms like Amazon and Shopify. They offer a range of services including cloud bookkeeping, tax preparation, sales tax compliance, payroll processing, and business advisory services.

With their cloud bookkeeping service, AMZ Accountant ensures that eCommerce sellers have accurate and up-to-date financial records. This helps businesses monitor their financial performance and make informed decisions. They also handle tax preparation to ensure that sellers comply with all tax requirements and maximize deductions.

In addition, AMZ Accountant offers sales tax compliance services to help eCommerce sellers navigate the complex world of sales tax regulations. They provide guidance on sales tax nexus and assist with filing sales tax returns.

For payroll processing needs, AMZ Accountant offers efficient and confidential payroll services tailored to the unique requirements of eCommerce businesses.

Their business advisory services go beyond traditional accounting functions. AMZ Accountant provides valuable insights into key financial metrics that drive business performance. They help sellers understand their cash flow, analyze profitability, and make strategic decisions to optimize their operations.

Overall, AMZ Accountant is committed to helping eCommerce sellers achieve financial transparency, reduce tax liabilities, improve profitability, and grow their businesses.

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