Unlocking the Potential of Monthly SEO Services for your Business

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Unlocking the Potential of Monthly SEO Services for your Business

First, let's talk about Digital Marketing, so we can truly appreciate the pivotal role SEO plays in it. Digital marketing surged past traditional channels like TV and print, bringing about massive shifts in the business landscape. Giants like Amazon ascended, while traditional stalwarts like Sears and Toys R Us faltered. We saw newspapers and magazines take a backseat to platforms like YouTube and Google. Traditional scrapbooking took a hit as "Facebooking" became a phenomenon. The outdated phonebook was replaced by swift online searches. This rise of digital marketing is a boon for business owners, allowing them to make a striking online impression even before customers walk into their stores or make purchases.

Is Monthly SEO Worth It? Though it's hard to pin down the single greatest achievement of the Internet era, Amazon certainly stands tall as an iconic monument. It has become the 7th largest retailer without owning a single physical storefront and enjoys market capitalization that surpasses Walmart...and it's just getting started.

The most significant channels of digital marketing include search marketing, social media, display advertising, and email marketing. As an indicator of its importance, digital marketing budgets outstripped TV advertising spending in 2017 with search engines leading the pack.

Search engines currently handle around 200 billion searches each month (source: SEO.com). In 2019 alone, over 236 million people in the USA searched for something online. A whopping 66% of marketers admit that their biggest priority is increasing their organic presence online. Furthermore, statistics show that 72% of those who conduct local store searches on their mobile phones end up visiting said store. Contrarily, social media generates just 3% of traffic to websites on average. Clearly, search engines have a far-reaching impact on online sales and website visits.

We've established (1) that digital marketing has outpaced TV and other traditional channels, and (2) that search engines are now the key drivers of digital marketing sales. This underscores the importance of search engine marketing as an integral part of any business's marketing strategy. There are two types: sponsored search (PPC), and organic search. When executed correctly, SEO is more cost-effective than PPC and delivers a higher ROI.

So when you pose the question "Should I be paying for monthly SEO services?" consider this - what's at stake if your business isn't indexed by search engines? Driving business through searches is simply smart strategy. Search-based traffic is second only after referrals. Search engines display your website to individuals who are actively looking for your products/services precisely when they're interested. Investing in SEO services seems like common sense then, doesn’t it? With millions searching for myriad items daily, the potential for sales is enormous.

But why can't a one-time SEO effort suffice instead of a long-term commitment? Here's why: SEO isn't a sprint; it's a marathon! It takes time to gain the trust of search engines and move from #1000 on Google to #1. Google has publicly stated that it updates its algorithm over 500 times per year and considers more than 200 "signals" in deciding which website ranks better. With such dynamic changes, continuous SEO efforts become crucial. If you decide to halt your SEO efforts after an initial project, be assured that your competitors won't do the same! A one-off SEO project is risky business – it leaves your company in an unstable position in this highly competitive market.

Some may express concerns about hiring an external SEO company due to past experiences. Unfortunately, some SEO companies either exploit their customers or lack competence; this however, doesn't negate the importance of SEO itself. When searching for an SEO company, take your time. Look for a company with proven success records. Don't be swayed by smooth-talking salespeople; ensure the SEO firm you choose is competent, trustworthy, and cost-effective.